Insight into Communist Agent Techniques in Bulgaria

In light of exploring the mentality of the Bulgarian people, the following is a personal account of the pressures and techniques used by the Bulgarian Secret Services during communism. The report shows testimony to how agents directly or indirectly got themselves involved by using three basic strategies according to the victim: 1. “‘Soft’ breaking of […]

The Immature Mind and the Effects of Information Processing Associated with Indoctrination

by Kathryn N. Donev, M.S., L.P.C. The following is a response to the most recent developments within Bulgarian laws dealing with Educational Reform making it mandatory that children begin attending public school at the age of four years old. The mind of a child is an extremely fragile organism that is malleable with the potential […]

Who Will You Let Play On Your Stage?

  You can only think about one thing at a time. Don’t believe me? Try spelling aloud, “I love Jesus with all my heart” at the same time as you write down your address on paper. (Go ahead and try it; I’ll wait.) I’m convinced this is a blessing and a gift of God.  There […]