2020 Assembly in Indianapolis Announced


General Assembly One Year
from This Week

Plans are already underway for the 78th Church of God International General Assembly, which will be in session one year from this week.

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13 thoughts on “2020 Assembly in Indianapolis Announced

  1. Faimealelei Fineaso says:

    Are there any cheap motels or hotel close to the convention center? Prices have gone up every where since the market is really unstable.

  2. Jim Mullins Jim Mullins says:

    Get it passed, God calls ALL into his service WOMEN must be ordained allowed to serve as State Overseers and World Overseers.. If all the women left the church there would be no church. The New Testament church God does NOT see Man to be greater in His Kingdom. Female and Male are equal in Gods eyes….

    1. GJH says:

      It would be very wise to study the Bible on this subject which is the final authority on doctrine for the Lord’s church throughout the last nearly two thousand years. All New Testament scripture shows in the Greek Language in Ephesians 4, I Tim 3, Titus 1 and I Peter 5, that the overseer responsibility is in the male gender. This is the answer to questions about this responsibility. If it said female gender than I would preach, teach and support the word of God as the final authority on the matter. This is what the Lord, who is the founder and head of the church tells us through his first original Apostles. I can not nor will not argue with the Lord who will judge us on the day of our accounting. Kindly in Peace GJH

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