THE MISSION FIELD WILL INCREASINGLY BECOME A MISSIONARY FORCE This article is Part 4 of a series of five trends facing World Missions, written before his passing by Dr. Bill George, Editorial Assistant to the General Overseer, for the EVANGEL’s globalCONNECT. Throughout Church of God World Missions history, the places called “mission fields” have produced outstanding missionaries who have worked effectively in other countries. It is likely, even necessary, that this trend will continue. North Americans have an image problem in many parts of the world, and entrance into certain countries is quite difficult. People from outside the United States and Canada often do not have the same problem, and they can go where North Americans cannot go. It is also true that in a number of mature missions countries—in parts of Latin America, Europe, and Asia—the theological educational preparation of ministers is equal to or superior to that demonstrated by some North American missionary applicants. The future is positive for these non-American missionary hopefuls. (To be continued … )

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