Can we limit the questions to more serious ones, rather…

Can we limit the questions to more serious ones, rather than things like, “Can women wear pants?”, “Can you smoke and drink?”, “Are you allowed to watch movies?”, etc.? I mean, isn’t this an apologetics group, rather than a “Let’s argue over fundamentalist moralism” one?

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7 thoughts on “Can we limit the questions to more serious ones, rather…

  1. Wilson Noel Perez Jr. says:

    To some, these may be major issues, and there may be many who genuinely struggle with them. I know a lot of Pentecostals I would struggle with the legalism that they have been taking part in, not knowing that Christ frees from that sin, as well.

  2. Wilson Noel Perez Jr. says:

    If someone struggles with questions like those, there may be more of an opportunity to preach the gospel here and now within this group.

  3. Nikki Sheppick says:

    In all things, be ARMED by the Holy Blood of the Lamb, and with the Holy Word of God, day in and day out, come what may …. for the enemy is always prowling about seeking whom it can devour in/through a variety of devices, such as guile, trickery, twistings of Scripture, and distractions, and not turning all things – no matter what it is – over to He Who empowers us to OVER-COME all things that is hindering us in serving Him over all. “Live ONE day at a time.” <3 <3 <3

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