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A River Flowing From the Throne

South American Call, a ministry directed by Joe Mercer, travels along the Amazon River to places that are only reached by boat. When a place called Palestine is mentioned, one automatically thinks of the Middle East. But, a South American Call team recently held a Congreso in the village of Palestine, Peru. A river of […]

Lovell Cary, Mr. World Missions

To have known Lovell and his wife, Ginny, was to know missions inexplicably. They truly sought to win the world during their lifetimes. The couple lived, moved, breathed, thought, and exemplified missions 24-7. A statement was once made that states: “If one is called to be a missionary, do not stoop to be a king.” […]

Emma’s Kids Welcome Citylife Church

Rodger and Saundra Wikelund, along with all residents of their ministry, Emma’s Kids, welcomed a ministry group from citylife church in Tampa this month. Twenty-eight adults and kids from citylife made the trip to Zambia. They brought medical professionals who provided quality health services to members of the community. The team conducted VBS with the […]