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Through Gains and Losses, Church Brings Light to France

For Yves Bazile, pastor and church planter in France, ministry has been a time of gaining and losing, and repeating that cycle. His story is a story of an accomplished mission assignment, one that took nearly 12 years but bears the fruit of a church that brings light to a city 20 minutes from Paris. […]

Refugees Joining Together for Bible School

There are around 500,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda who have fled from war and famine. Dispersed throughout several camps are Christians, Muslims, and people who normally would not be living in close proximity. Among them are South Sudan Church of God leaders and pastors. It’s here, in these camps, that the pastors got together […]

Christmas Around the World

When missionaries accept a place of service for God in a foreign country, they often leave behind the familiar traditions they’ve become accustomed to while growing up and living in the United States. As missionaries become acclimated to the various aspects of living in another culture, they usually adapt to the celebrations and activities of […]

Restrictive Bill on Religion in Bulgaria Goes to a Final Vote

A government committee met in Bulgaria today to decide any last changes in the new legislation on religion and churches in Bulgaria. The bill will be then brought before the Parliament for a final vote this Friday, December 21, 2018 before it becomes an official law. In its current draft, the legislation infringes harsh restrictions on…