A new year always brings changes, but the constants are that in this world full of change–God loves, God provides, and God saves.

Missionary Andrew Quinley in Thailand relates that one month before their big year-end event at the university, the King of Thailand died. By government order and to show respect, all celebrations were cancelled. That meant that the ministry’s biggest evangelistic outreach was shut down.

Not dampening their spirits, Quinley and his team decided to celebrate in January, breaking out the lights, guitars, and calling together the churches of Chiang Rai to put together an outreach. In the middle of the campus, everyone gathered, sang worship songs, served and ate food together, and watched a powerful, dramatic video produced by MediaLight. Two classmates also gave their personal testimonies.

A new round of worship and prayer then began. Looking at those gathered and dancing on the stage, Andrew noticed more students that hadn’t been believers had arrived and danced along with the rest.

At the end of the night, the team was stunned to realize 698 students had attended, and of that number 14 made commitments to follow Christ! Others who wanted to know more about Jesus numbered 47.

Although activities had been postponed, God still brought about the salvation of souls for His kingdom.

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