BishopSeanS.O_NealA designated church planting fund be established, with guidelines for securing and disbursing monies, to serve as a church planting “bank” from which matching funds loans may be disbursed as funds are available to approved church planters who have met all established pre-requisites. Furthermore, financial streams be developed to seed and grow the CHURCH OF GOD CHURCH PLANTING DESIGNATED FUND with the goal of developing residual funding for perpetually assisting church planting. Further that this measure be inserted as an addition to the MINUTES CHURCH OF GOD BOOK OF DISCIPLINE, CHURCH ORDER, AND GOVERNANCE, where appropriate in order to secure the priority, establishment and longevity of the CHURCH OF GOD CHURCH PLANTING DESIGNATED FUND.

This motion is presented with the intention of developing a church planting bank for the perpetual funding of church planting in the Church of God. This “bank” will be established as the Church of God Church Planting Designated Fund. As prospective church planting pastors complete an application, assessment, training and approval process there is a need to fund the new church plant. This fund will provide a process by which a church planter can receive a matching fund loan to assist with launching a new church. Loans will be repaid into the CHURCH OF GOD CHURCH PLANTING DESIGNATED FUND to replenish the fund for additional church planting.

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