Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Ministry Life Planning

XXV.      Ministry Life Planning

RATIONALE: This item is a resolution of practical action derived from the resolution on Generational Assimilation.

We recommend:

That page 127, S32. STATE OVERSEER, VI. Duties and

Authorities, Item 22, be added so as to read:

  1. That each state/regional office conduct an annual Ministry Life Planning Training event covering the issues and challenges of retirement planning, ministerial retirement transition, ministerial taxes, healthcare, and whole life health, assisting ministers of every age to approach the stages of life successfully and to embrace the aging of ministry.
1.      Is this measure proportional to the international growth of the Church of God?

2.      Does the item allow for hearing of congregations at the periphery of the denomination?

3.      Does the measure compliment or contradict other agenda items on international ministry awareness and denominational growth?


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