Church of God Releases “Voices of Heritage” Videos

CLEVELAND, TN: In celebration of “Retired Ministers and Widows Appreciation” Sunday on October 29, 2017, a series of short video clips are being released, highlighting some of the great sermons preached by ministers in the Church of God. The last Sunday of October each year is set aside as a time to honor our retired and elderly ministers and a time for the local church to give a special offering to assist those ministers in their retirement years.

In announcing the “Voices of Heritage” videos, Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, had these comments: “Anyone that knows me well, knows my love for the heritage of this great movement that we call the Church of God. There is no doubt that our past – as well as our present – is full of Holy Ghost-anointed, Spirit-filled preachers who can usher us into the presence of God. In just a few short minutes, the “Voices of Heritage” video clips will do just that and have you longing for the tent revival meetings of the past. What better time to release these videos than during the month of October when we have set aside a special time to honor these great veterans of the faith who so willingly blazed a trail for us to follow. What a heritage we have in the Church of God.”

While one or more “Voices of Heritage” video clips will be released each week during the month of October, it is expected that the videos will continue to be released regularly afterwards. The videos will be available on the Church of God website ( and on the church’s social media sites.

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