Consciousness of a Movement for Change

  • #ourCOG was started in 2010 with a vision to popularize social media within the church
  • This vision was fulfilled within the first two years after the launch of the website and fully realized within the church and implemented on an international level
  • In only five years of existence #ourCOG not only made history, but became the media history of the church

As every new thing that combines spirituality and technology, #ourCOG has evolved to a new level. Technology calls this development. Spirituality calls it growth. But it is essentially the same thing: reaching new goals as a group that could not be envisioned before without making the first step in the right direction. Establishing #ourCOG in 2010 was that right step in the right direction that has brought change for all of us as a movement. Perhaps a true test if we can handle the change which we all talk about. For change neither starts nor stops with us. Real change is always beyond us…

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