District Prayer Model

Prayer is central to everything we do in ministry.
As ministers and leaders who are in ministry partnership together, we are committed to fulfill the biblical exhortation to “pray one for another.”
The method we are going to use is the District Prayer Model. Again in 2018 we are going to pray for each local church and pastor weekly by district.
Using the principles found in Nehemiah Chapter 2, I want to encourage you to pray that each pastor and church will minister with “A Nehemiah Anointing.” A Nehemiah Anointing is an anointing to Lead, Build, Restore, and Complete.
Pray for this anointing to manifest itself in four specific dimensions (See Nehemiah 2:4-8):
1. Strategic Plan – to give pastors/leaders strategies to accomplish the mission and vision that God has given them. (2:4-5)
2. Significant Partnerships – for pastors/leaders to establish relationships with people who are in positions of authority and influence that God can work through to accomplish their mission and vision. (2:6)
3. Sovereign Protection – to protect pastors and ministry leaders as they pursue their mission and vision. (2:7)
4. Supernatural Provision – to supply every need necessary to fulfill their mission and vision. (2:8)
The result of our prayer of agreement will be “that the God of heaven Himself will prosper us.”
Following is the listing of pastors and churches for the first week of 2018:
Alcoa-Green Meadow
William Ronald Reagan
Andre’ Lee Wright
Herschell E. Baker Jr.
Maryville-Mountain View
Randall VanHoose
Maryville-New Visions
Lonnie O. Garner
My Father’s House Maryville
Donald Joe Baker
Jeffrey Kevin Dockery
Thanks for your partnership. The good hand of God is upon us!

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