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54 thoughts on “Does your church still have an altar and when do you use it?

  1. Sandra Smith Sandra Smith says:

    Yes we do at Bread of Life Church in Byron, Ga with PastorDavid FreshFire!! Our altars are where the needs of our people are met every service, not just on Sundays. Bondage’s are being broken, lives are being changed, healings of hurts, and lives being saved! Oh definitely YES….. our altars are very much used!!

  2. If an altar is a railing no. If an altar is a place up front where we go to respond to the call of God, to be ministered to and to perform ministry, where miracles take place, where people are filled with the Holy Spirit, where healing flows like a river and where flesh is often overcome by the power of God, Yeah we got one of those still! I don’t know how to do church any other way! Any Pentecostal church that doesn’t have an altar can’t really call itself Pentecostal can they?

    1. Karey Byrd Karey Byrd says:

      No Sir. A Church Without an Altar has a lot of Hurting Hearts and Souls longing to be Feed. Thank You God for Bread Of Life Church Of God. Byron Ga Pastor David Smith, love to meet You At the Altar this Sunday.

    1. Doyle Smith Doyle Smith says:

      James Wheland we have exactly the same ones that will remain in our church God has thus far honored and blessed,
      Saved and filled many with the Holy Ghost at them so we will continue to have them and use them thank you and God bless

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