Everglades and Chokoloskee Church of God in a desperate need for water, food and gas…

Church of God Pastor Lynnette reports: To all those looking to assist Chokoloskee….we need food, beverages, toiletries, candles, flashlights, generators would be amazing, fans, towels, boots, bandaids, pet foods, soaps, and laundry detergents. Things like grills, plug in cookers of any kind etc. We are in Desperate Need of gas for generators and side by sides. If you can get it to Everglades City I can meet you at Chokoloskee bridge. Pass the word please. Reach me at 239-471-8195. (This is my sister’s phone).

Salvation Army ( Thanks pastor Sheila Zellers) will be serving HOT SPAGHETTI in Everglades City around 5:00-5:30. The kids at my house are super happy right now! Praise God for all the help and amazing servants!

Dusty WilsonGlad to say @flcog taking water to Chokoloskee today! Supplies on the way @Op_Compassion

FEMA and the Red Cross will deliver water and other resources to Everglades City Tuesday afternoon. Crews are working to get an airboat in with water and other resources to Chokoloskee. They also hope to open the bridge to Chokoloskee so vehicles can get into the city.

Some folks in Collier County do need our help, especially in places like Chokoloskee and Everglades City where there was extensive flooding and damage. Chokoloskee had their main access bridge partly wash away and they can only get supplies by boat. Over the next few days we will be gathering supplies to help our neighbors.

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