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2 thoughts on “Get out of religiosity and get in

  1. Maryjane Decker says:

    Get a bible…KJV or New American Version, or Good News version, or NKJ or look up on your ph. But thrift shops usually have them out or in back room. Then Start with the book of John, and Pay close ATTENTION to the words of JESUS. Then read chpts. 13 thru 17!!! Its all about WHY… He went back to heaven!!! Yay!! He came as a human. Showed us how to live… died in our place.for THE SINS OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!! ROSE..went back to heaven andSENT BACK the HOLY SPIRIT to teach us, comfort us, guide us, help us, give us the PEACE THAT PASSES HUMAN UNDERSTANDING… and… He gives us EVERLASTING LIFE…. also He’s coming to take us home to be with Him until “All THINGS ARE MADE NEW AGAIN…. yay!!! God said “Behold I shall make ALL THINGS new. (new heavens and new earth) the bible is sooo full of ancient history, prophecies, and Hope.. love and “GOOD news” !!!!

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