Resoluting Prophetic Awareness on the Political and Social Role of the Church Today

1992 Church of God Resolution on POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT

WHEREAS the Church of God as a member of the National Association of Evangelicals has endorsed and agreed to support “Christian Citizenship Campaign” (CCC); and

WHEREAS the two main objectives of the NAE resolution are to encourage Christians to pray for their leaders and to exercise their liberties to register and vote as a part of the democratic process; and

WHEREAS the Church of God is an international organization which has historically encouraged Christians to seek godly means to improve standards of their respective societies;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that in cooperation with the National Association of Evangelicals, the Church of God encourages all constituents to avail themselves of every opportunity to peacefully and orderly register, vote, and otherwise seek to improve the health, safety, and general welfare of all mankind (1 Peter 2:12); and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all political efforts should be thoughtfully constructed and effected with prayerful deliberation, knowing that we shall give account to God for every deed done (Romans 2:12), or not done, in accordance with His divine and eternal plan for man (64th A., 1992, p. 79).

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884 thoughts on “Resoluting Prophetic Awareness on the Political and Social Role of the Church Today

  1. Michael Postlethwait says:

    I can certainly appreciate why many aren’t excited about the prospect of a Trump presidency. What I don’t understand however is how many apparently believe that Clinton is the lesser of two evils. I think the damage she would do to the judiciary for generations to come would far surpasses anything Trump may do on his worst day in office. Furthermore, I suspect Trump will be on a much shorter leash with Congress than Clinton if for no other reason than not wanting to be labeled misogynist.

  2. Troy May says:

    What’s up with this post on a fine Sunday afternoon? Stan Wayne Carl Murphy I read one stats where Trump is leading by 4% and another where he is trailing Hillary from afar

  3. Carl Murphy says:

    Honestly I believe Christians should vote their conscience, they should not invoke God to beat others over the head. It is as bad to me as Westboro Baptist Church, a bunch of clowns that are religious but in my opinion certainly not following Luke 9:23. Being followers of Christ and not Judaizers that say you much vote this way are you are not a Christian. Or bestowing the title of “God’s man” on someone is not our job. Would you like a man like the pastor of Westboro Baptist to be president? He certainly presidents himself as a man of God. I am friends with several of the Conn’s should we conform to their beliefs, there being as many doctrines as there are Conn’s which one do we chose? No let God speak to each of us, individually and guide us. I am reminded of the words of the president of the AG Bible College I received a degree in Bible from. If God had a message for me, he knows me, he knows my heart and he knows where I am, he doesn’t have to leave a message with the neighbors.

  4. Troy May says:

    “Gilberto Rosado on the contrary brother. It seems that politics is forcing us toward a Pentecostal Theology of #TRUMP We have 5 prophecies from Pentecostals vs. 5 warning words against it. Prophetic WARNINGS:






    Prophetic WORDS:

    1. THE TRUMP OF GOD (1 TH. 4:16) IS NOT THE SAME AS THE 7TH TRUMPET OF REV. 11:15-13:18.


    3. Vehement protests against Donald Trump are the work of the enemy 6:0:



    Finaly, DONALD TRUMP peresonally: ‘NOBODY READS THE BIBLE MORE THAN ME’ For the whole discussion pls see Thanks Michael Postlethwait”

  5. Jon Sellers says:

    The OT prophets dealt with national politics all the time. So we must understand how the gospel and Christian witness relates to our own politics today.

  6. Troy May says:

    Not really. Not if we are still considering who endorsed Trump among our own Pentecostals churches, our own current stand on Israel (and Palestine) and how our own eschatology is changing with all that Jon Sellers

  7. Gilberto Rosado says:

    I know who supports Trump – American citizens regardless of their theological views. Because they render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.

  8. Troy May says:

    Hey I dont necessarily disagree with you. It’s jsut bad theology to keep God out of politics (and other stuff). I hope Trump wins but then again I just dont see it going his way as easy as Stan Wayne does in wishful thinking. I’ll look you up when next in NY and we will go visit Trump Tower – all right 🙂

  9. Ricky Grimsley says:

    I dont see why you would separate politics from theology especially if you are openly endorsing someone. How many ministers have flocked to trump and even say he is a christian. Look at the past. What is the basis as a christian to even be involved in the process. Are we not ambassadors for christ?

  10. Ricky Grimsley says:

    If we could be partaker of someone’s evil deeds for “bidding them God speed” how much more for voting them in to leader of the free world?

  11. Mary Ellen Nissley says:

    “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.
    If America does not repent of her sin, she has no right to expect God to help her be great again.
    Furthermore, if a Christian trusts in an unrighteous political leader to make America great again, bypassing the repentance factor… that Christian is putting his faith more in that man, than in God.”

  12. Carl Murphy says:

    One thing, he would never be elected, this is The United States, a republic, it’s not Egypt where one guy can name a prime minister, it’s not Israel there are no Samuel’s to anoint anyone. As much as I and every other Christian would love to see a Christian step up the fact of the matter is there never has been a Pentecostal president. We had the pious Carter and what did that bring us? We had the born again Bush and what did that bring us? Just because someone is a Christian, even a faithful one it does not endow them with leadership abilities it does not confer wisdom on them. While this country was founded on Christian values, it has always made room for the non believers. Just as I do not appreciate the bullying of the politically correct crowd, I do not believe it to be the governments place to say Christianity or nothing. But then I also believe as Alexander Hamilton believed, that the only daily interaction the general population should have with the federal government is the post office

  13. David Lewayne Porter says:

    But would we just love to see one truly make a run for it to be like they said about Stephen, “Acts 6:15 And all that sat in the council, looking stedfastly on him, saw his face as it had been the face of an angel”.

  14. Ricky Grimsley says:

    I agree with the spirit of your post David Lewayne Porter. However, i sincerely doubt that we have ever had a sincere christian president except perhaps george Washington.

  15. Jan B Drayer says:

    We are not electing a pastor, we are electing a president. I would enthusiastically endorse a Christian that, in addition to a strong and sincere Christian ethic, also possesses the ability to govern well.

  16. David Lewayne Porter says:

    I agree with all you said except for, “”we are electing a President not a pastor””.
    There is the issue.
    We on a Pentecostal Theology page that are supposed to be Christian based has no problem with a double standard. That should bother us.
    The fact that it doesn’t sends up red flags and sets off warning buzzers.
    And we think just anyone doing anything can name the name of Jesus, can be a Christian, and can be ready for Heaven.
    What about this when voting for trump and saying I agree with him (if we vote for him then we are saying we back him),
    Romans 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them. (So we take pleasure in trump)?
    I think not.”

  17. Jeffrey Madison says:

    “This is going to make some folks mad, but it’s true.

    Well, we currently have a president that considers himself a Christian who lives by Godly standards. According to most African American Evangelical Pentecostals, Obama is a holy man of God (you have to understand that liberation theology is the primary doctrine behind this presupposition, and rightly so, considering all that they’ve been through). With that stated, a righteous leader can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Frankly, abortion and free trade aren’t the only issue on the table. Honestly, if we (meaning white Evangelical Pentecostals) start to understand the other issues, we (meaning black and white Christians) could elect a “”righteous”” person as president. However, if we continue to turn a blind eye to the suffering of our African American brother, they will keep voting for the other guy. I feel as if the Lord is telling us (meaning white Evangelical Pentecostals) to learn how to bear the burdens of these brothers and sisters, in doing this we will be able to come to a political consensus so that we can elect “”righteous”” leaders. Before you judge me to quickly, know that over 70% of African Americans are Born Again Christians, and 90% of African Americans are Democrats. That just shows how much we have failed at fulfilling our Christ-centered mandate. So, I don’t think we’ll be able to elect a righteous person as president until there is unity in the house of God (however, I do hope I’m wrong).”

  18. Diane Nott says:

    The Church is the moral compass of society. In the worst of times, the population’s hearts turn to God and reaching to one another. The moral conduct did not depend on who held political office. Yes we need strong leadership to protect and defend our country. But isn’t the moral decay that has changed society standards? Where does our sense of right and wrong originate? If the people of these United States will follow what their hearts and eyes desire, in another words what is right is what they want, then there is no moral compass no matter who is in office. The church and state are separated to keep government out of the church. Has the church allowed the government to decree their moral standards and belief in God’s Word? Shouldn’t the religious leaders be speaking out and strengthening their congregations roots in Christ? Not for this election to be our Savior and Protector but our walk with Christ?

  19. David Lewayne Porter says:

    “Diane Nott
    I believe you danced all around the main issue and point.

    The election and the leader determined by it is not the Saviour and Protector. In that you are correct.
    As far as pastors strengthening their congregations in Christ, that is exactly why I posted the (op – original post): To challenge Christians to actually live it, think about it daily, to actually apply their beliefs on a larger scale.
    I have found in the local church, on posts, and around town that the average (c)hristian is willing to vote contrary to what they actually say they believe Biblical. They say that is fine because this is not a Church or Ministry issue.
    You asked has the Church allowed the government to decree their moral standards and belief in God’s Word, the answer sadly enough for most people in America is yes, yes they have. (Just look around – 1962, no prayer in school), you can be seen with a bible in school without being challenged but they can read anything else during free time, not Christian music during free time but they can listen. To anything else, not religious shirts at school unless you turn them inside out but they can wear any other shirt they want – – oh yes I have personal first hand knowledge with all of this in middle average America.
    They want us in our homes, churches, and closets but then they want to come into those and tell us what we can and can’t do and then how we can do it. We have churches that can’t hold “”worship”” services because nice ordinances that limit you to nothing louder than a microwave oven alarm.

    Why do I say this and how does it apply
    because the legal challenges and law suites are ruled on by elected officials (judges). The laws are put into place by elected officials.

    We elect them. Most of the leaders that are causing the issues started out small locally and no one voted against them to stop them when they could because they did not see the link between person Christianity and their daily lives – which includes how we vote.

    When shouldn’t our personal Christian values lead our choice of vote?

    As far as separation of church and state, you will not find (the absence of religion) in any OFFICIAL National document. You will not the separation of Church and State stated anywhere offically ever.
    Also if you look at each of the original colonies charters and the states charters/constitutions religion and God were included in a major way.

    And if you don’t think public leaders effect moral conduct then examine clinton’s lying on today’s youth thinking lying is acceptable.
    Examine trump and his willingness to pay legal fees for supporters who get physically violent escalating people willing to do so.

    I will stop there.

    Just some points to ponder.
    So voting for some one who makes strip clubs possible and casinos and backs violence is not going to effect the moral or spiritual stance of America?
    Isaiah 54:17
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

    Notice (we condemn it)
    We are expected to do something about it besides just praying.

    Better look at what happened to Christians in Rome, and Jews under Germany.
    Society could have made some changes and a difference but didn’t.”

  20. Diane Nott says:

    Unfortunately many “Christians” are not grounded on the Christian beliefs or even know why they believe what they believe. Or what is written and included in all government documents authored by our founding fathers. Harvard University benefactor was a young minister by the name of John Howard. But I bet very few of those most intelligent students know how Harvard University was founded. Even if they do, is it a “truth” they are willing to stand on today? However, we are generations away from those founding principles. How do we get back and revive a government to vote on “truth”. or are we such a quiet majority/minority that those in government are allowed to stay “politically correct”? Shouldn’t the church be teaching what many died for? Beginning with the disciples up to those who fled Europe to set be free to worship Jesus. Just thinking out loud.

  21. David Lewayne Porter says:

    “Now you are getting to my point for the post.
    But each generation let it “”slip”” just a little farther away from them.
    So do we, or do we start turning the tide back to where it should be?”

  22. Corey Forsyth says:

    Wouldn’t this open that God is in complete control debate? Since there are groups praying for their favorite candidate, no matter who it is, it seems to me that either God already has His candidate picked for victory, He doesn’t really care and leaves it to the people to vote, or it depends on which group prays the best. 😀😈😀
    I look forward to the firestorm that is likely to follow… LOL

  23. Mark Henderalsky says:

    Not sure but why the event would not open here : Join us live for our third forum on Wednesday, February 24 as we welcome Donald J. Trump, who will share his vision for America during a live interview with Regent founder, chancellor and CEO Dr. M.G. Pat Robertson. David Brody, chief political correspondent for CBN News, will moderate the event and audience Q & A.

  24. Terry Wiles says:

    It’s all about Supreme Court justices. Better to swallow pride and vote
    Republican this year and then pray a prayer of faith for that person whoever it is.

  25. Jackson Fay says:

    Very peculiar and speculative theory of why the GOP has not stopped Trump. Trump captures the nation’s attention on the campaign trail. The increasing unlikelihood of an “anybody but Trump” bandwagon coalescing fast enough around another candidate is causing a lot of pre-nomination autopsies about what in the world happened.

  26. Robert Jamieson says:

    Trump is the only realistic candidate, he may be able to overturn some of Obamas policies, everybody else is as much a fairytale as a revival or rapture, and just as devisive. Be realistic.

  27. David Lewayne Porter says:

    Robert Jamieson
    If you don’t believe in revival, what is your point of being a part of Pentecostal Theology? Notice the historic results and effects of Pentecost. (And I am sincere in looking for your answer).

  28. Mark Henderalsky says:

    This is the religions of the current GOP candidates:

    Rubio: Roman Catholic with LDS background
    Bush: Roman Catholic and Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus
    Kasich: Anglican – with Catholic background
    Carson: Seventh Day Adventist – incl. annihilationism (no hell)

    Cruz: Southern Baptist
    Trump: Presbyterian PLUS Hillary’s a good ole Southern Baptist gal 🙂

  29. Terry Wiles says:

    Lol. Christians can’t agree on the existence of the Trinity. How can you expect this group to agree to pray for Trump?
    I’m sure some won’t agree to pray for those who despitefully use you.

  30. Mark Henderalsky says:

    Rubio: Roman Catholic with LDS background
    Bush: Roman Catholic and Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus
    Kasich: Anglican – with Catholic background
    Carson: Seventh Day Adventist – incl. annihilationism (no hell)

    Cruz: Southern Baptist
    Trump: Self Appointed Presbyterian

  31. Robert Jamieson says:

    Hmmm, i wonder Dave if you understand what theology is. Being a theologian has nothing to do with revival, nor can it bring revival. Theology is as separate from revival as a fish is from the air. I believe there have been revival, but you would write that i should not be in this group. As to the historical result/effect of pentecost, it was an effect that soon wore of. No one practiced pentecostal theology, most joined Roman Catholic theology. So again, what has my post got to do with my position in this group ? Paul said there would be an apostacy, Jesus asked if He would find faith on earth before He returned, or would you prefer the original Greek to assist you in your question?

  32. Robert Jamieson says:

    Troy, hilary clinton is a liar, trump is a liar, cruz is a liar etc etc etc… politicians lie when their lips move. Trump is the best candidate for America, Clinton is going to jail, cruz/carson cant afford to run along trump.

  33. David Lewayne Porter says:

    Robert Jamieson
    Who is dave?
    If you are talking to David Porter, it is David.

    Yes the original Greek would be nice. If the greek is what you need to answer a simple question.
    As far as your discourse on theology verses air, ok, not my question other than theology being the study of God.
    As far as Pentecost wearing off so what. So they got lukewarm, cold at best.
    Joel still stands valid and true
    Chapter 2:28 & following.

    As far as your position and your post, you simply seem very down on Pentecost. I was interested in why.

    Now in reference to finding faith on the earth?, I agree whole heartily.
    Yet the harvest field contains tares and wheat.

    Jesus also said the harvest was great and laborers were few Luke 10:2
    Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

    So then being a part of Pentecostal Theology, you do not believe in a harvest/revival? You do not think Pentecost will have any thing to do with that?

    Before you get upset.
    It is a real and genuine question.
    I am simply asking for informational purposes, not to prove a point.

  34. Jimmy Pearson says:

    I am disappointed and disturbed at the amount of professing Christians voting for trump. It shows a tremendous lack of discernment. A man says he has never felt the need to ask forgiveness of his sins and people believe this is a man who will represent their values and defend their rights? What troubles me is not that he may be elected but what this campaign is revealing about the American church. As always the Lord will raise up whomever He wills to accomplish his purposes in the earth and bring glory to His name.

  35. Charles Page says:

    God has apparently appointed Obama to accomplish his will in the earth and bring glory to His name. Anyone we elect will accomplish the will of God and bring him the glory!

  36. Jimmy Pearson says:

    Sometimes the judgement of God on a nation is to allow it to be lead by wicked men. I believe it is very possible that this is where america is right now. It’s not so much whom we elect but who God appoints for his own purposes.

  37. Mark Henderalsky says:

    I’d like to bring this post back again because the OP really worries many as a growing attitude among American evangelicals. Is #TRUMP scamming churches? There’s no normal believer that believes Trump is a true conservative or even a Christian at that matter. So why vote for him? Because Trump can make America great again? ONLY GOD can make America great again!!!!

  38. Mark Henderalsky says:

    David M. Hinsen Post is from the mobile version and says Page cannot be found. Could you provide an actual link to the post pls?

  39. David M. Hinsen says:

    I think the underlying sentiment is regarding Trump. Also, if you check out Phillips’ page it seems he supports Trump as well.

  40. Bambi Lyn Carr says:

    I have been a Christian since I was 5 years old (60 now) and I trust Donald Trump. My gut feeling since I knew he was running. Period

  41. Billy Monroe Poff says:

    I just cannot for the life of me figure out the attraction that Christians have toward him… Besides him being a very arrogant naricisist, full of pride, and being a liberal up until he decided to run for president, his personal life does not reflect the Godly morals of someone I want as a leader… Not to go through a long list on here but just to throw a couple out there, he cheated on his first wife with a woman who became his second…then cheated on her for a woman who became his third…So the wife he has now, who would become the first lady of the United States, has been a model that has openly posed in the nude as a lesbian( great example of a lady with class huh?) He has built a huge fortune on the back of gambling casinos…he doesnt attend church… He has publicly said that he has never asked God for forgiveness so he is a Christian only in his own mind… He iss Biblically illiterate…etc…etc…etc… I don’t understand the evangelical support that he has AT ALL…. Whatever happened to good old fashioned morals? What has happened to having integrity in our leadership? I just do not understand…..

  42. David Lewayne Porter says:

    Trust a man that made a compete about face when he decided to run,
    Trust a man that in the 1980s (1988) had an interview in which he said if he ever ran as president he would run as a Republican because they were the easiest to fool (Google it).

    A christian and you are 60.
    Ok your Bible says to try the spirits, not to believe the spirits are trust our guts.
    1 John 4:1
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    There is Godly counsel and wisdom.

  43. Mark Henderalsky says:

    Just before Marco Rubio’s 19th birthday, police reports show that a cop was sent to Alice C. Wainwright Park in Miami, Florida.

    Apparently at age 18, he violated the municipal code rules about drinking in a park. However, the police incident report never mentions alcohol!

    Instead, Marco was arrested for being in a car after the park’s closing time with his male friend Angel Barrios. To locals, the park was well-known as a place for homosexuals for cruising.

    The Washington Post implies what really happened (noting the park’s problem with people having sex in the park and the frequency of gay prostitution) and it’s clear this arrest is something that Marco Rubio would rather not talk about…

  44. Carol Wiseman says:

    Trash, just trash. They said it would get brutal in Carolina. These are ALL innuendos, NOT one shred of real evidence. Just another attemp to destroy someones Character just like Christie did.

  45. Mike Chapman says:

    Donald Trump is a classic narcissistic sociopath — a self-centered, arrogant bully. I’m sorry but Donald Trump does not any of the qualities that I am looking for in a President.,

  46. John Ruffle says:

    Trump may be who America needs and DESERVES. We’re not electing a new archbishop nor a pope, nor yet a mega-pastor (thank goodness!) A president is duty bound to protect the citizens of the country he or she serves. Trump is politically incorrect. And that’s what at least ONE western nation needs. He’s the only candidate who is capable of releasing a sea-change in common opinion so we can have a stab at calling ‘right right ands wrong wrong.’ He also is far less likely to give in to powerful and rich lobbies.

  47. David Lewayne Porter says:

    And I am told by a very good source…
    Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

    I will take God’s opinion above man’s.
    There is no other way.

    I can not nor will I cast a vote for trump. And if it is hilary or him, I will vote for neither.

  48. Bill Harman says:

    I believe that one day I will stand before God and give account for each vote I cast. I can not in good conscience vote for a candidate who supports the murder of unborn children and the proliferation of gay marriage. Also, I can not in good conscience vote for a candidate who says that he has never had to ask God for forgiveness (after bragging in his book about multiple affairs) among other things. If that means I will not be casting a vote, then I have to know in my heart that I am a citizen of another Kingdom and I have to live my life accordingly.

  49. Bill Harman says:

    That’s a non-starter argument when both candidates are the opposite side of the same coin. If after the primary, I look at both candidates (Democrat and Republican) and they are both taking stands that I can not in good conscience vote for, then that means there isn’t a candidate that I will vote for. The argument that you make only works if I like one candidate and not the other.

  50. David Lewayne Porter says:

    I am sorry but you will have to,,,,
    Answer one question for me and I will vote.
    As a Christian how do you vote between satan and another of his own devils?

    I speak Spiritually and in the physical world, I am not being funny or cute.

    I don’t see how a True Christian can vote for either, that is why the primary is so important. The Old Testament saints and prophets did not just blindly follow due to no other choice. There is always another option, a Godly option, even if it is to do nothing but pray.

    We CHRISTIANS need to choose a candidate now (through prayer and fasting) during the primary from among our people. (Don’t be concerned about the democratic candidate yet).
    We need to choose now as citizens and Christians and FORCE the NRC National Republican Committee to give us OUR choice.

    Now let me get into trouble
    (My heart) if they (the NRC) think they can scare us into accepting their choice, then maybe just maybe we Christians need to send a loud & clear message and not fall for it by refusing to play their game by their rules. Maybe the NRC needs to lose an election and lose it decisively. Then maybe our leaders will take Christians seriously. We need to stop settling for what we are given. I will remind you that the leaders in Washington are the ones we elected because we settled for the better of two choices in the past elections.

    That being said,
    The only one that the Republicans and the Democrats are all against is set forth in their own words,
    Anyone but Cruz.

    Personally, if I can’t get Cruz or Carson (I am praying about Rubio – he sends mixed signals) I will not be voting for president.
    (Let me cover my civic duty – since 1986 I have not missed one election, so I do my civic duty when I have a Christian choice).

    There is my heart gentlemen and ladies, liked or not there is my heart for this nation as a citizen and Christian.

    If God has protected us through 7 years of obama, I believe I can trust Him for 4 more years of protection. God is my protection and provider, not trump or anyone else.

    Pentecostal Theology members
    Or do we just talk it? That is a true and sincere question.

  51. Bill Harman says:

    I find it hard to believe that Conservatives (let alone Christians) are going to vote for a man who brags in his book about sleeping with married women, says he’s never had to ask God for forgiveness, and says that the gay rights movement will have forward motion if he is president.

    We can sit around complaining about how bad the country is, but how many Christians voted for Obama not caring that his beliefs were out there for anyone to see, if they cared to look. It’s time for Christians to understand that just like God gave the Israelits what they wanted in King Saul, we will get what we want in a leader if we keep turning a deaf ear to the Voice of the Lord.

    I can NOT reconcile what Scripture says about a Godly leader and the lifestyle Mr Trump leads, therefore I can NOT vote for him. Our country would be in a much better place if every Christian would fast, pray, and seek God’s face (without imposing their own agenda on God) before voting. Instead we are letting a man who doesn’t bear the fruit of repentance tickle our ears with what we want to hear, and casting our vote accordingly.

  52. David Lewayne Porter says:

    trump and *true conservative* in the same sentence, now that should be funny.

    trump lined up perfectly with the democrats unto he decided to run for office.
    He gave an interview in the 1980s (I want to say 1988) in which he said that if I ever run for president I will run as a Republican because they are the easiest to fool.
    Goggle it, don’t take my word for it.

    Just remember you trump supporters (obama was a christian when he ran the first time – how did that work out for us)?

  53. Mary Frances Begley says:

    ‘you trump supporters’ do not want anything to do with OBAMA..and never believed his lies from the start…it was the liberals that pushed this….Christians didn’t vote, if you will remember….discernment….truth…light….darkness…just step back and take a deep breath…we cannot be moved by religiosity…we cannot…our Country is at stake…

  54. David Lewayne Porter says:

    Our country is at stake and in its current state because we have not followed our religiosity – if you define religiosity as living out your faith in public view.
    Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

    The day a sinner can lead better than a true born again Christian is the day the Church, Christians, and this page needs to close up shop and stay home.

  55. Jackson Fay says:

    TRUMP said I’ll be able to save you without some silly cross. I don’t like guys who let themselves get nailed to a cross. Real saviors don’t need crosses, they need know-how. And know-how is what you’ll get with President Trump.” and Christians will still vote for him seems like

  56. Greg Baldwin says:

    I would rather Ted Cruz get the GOP nomination but if Trump gets the nomination I would vote for him as president not because he is a Christian but because he worse still far better than Clinton or Sanders. I honestly don’t know how someone who has been a Christian time enough to know good and evil could ever vote for those two democrats. And especially if you are a minister and can’t discern the lesser of two evils you need some serious help my friends

  57. Mark Henderalsky says:

    Unfortunately Trump is crushing Cruz with his Canadian birth. And more and more Christians from the South are wanting to see Trump a president. Does anyone see why Trump cannot reverse the madness?

  58. Jon Sellers says:

    Trump’s appeal is all about emotion, anger, frustration and the desire for a strong leader. It is not based on reasoned or well thought out positions. It is not based on clarity about his political ideology or values. Trump has not offered clarity. He offers hope and raw emotion. He is not a Constitutionalist, nor a conservative, nor a real Republican. He is Trump and he hopes to simply assert his own will and expect that people will want it. He is a pragmatist, but without clear guiding principles. People hope and expect he will do the right thing, but neither his history, nor his stated policies give us any solid assurance that he will.

    Trump is following in Obama’s example. Obama tapped into people’s frustration and sense of alienation. He offered slogans and vague promises. Hope and change and yes we can are lacking in substance, but are suitable for people that trust more in the personality and mythos of the man than in his clearly stated goals and policies. Trump is doing the same thing with different issues and rhetoric. But he doesn’t offer clarity about how he would actually deal with many issues and when he tries his proposed plans are simply not realistic.

  59. Stan Wayne says:

    If you vote for a Godless man? First of being stupid about the Bible is not the same as godless. Second – which presidents were more godly :Truman Eisenhower Roosevelt Harding Clinton Bush 1 Grant Etc

  60. Bill Harman says:

    I believe that I have made the case throughout this thread why I believe Trump to be godless. I don’t think that it is disputable.

  61. David Lewayne Porter says:

    By the way, I am teaching through the life of Joseph in Genesis.
    This morning is chapter 41 when because of the Spirit of God upon and within him he was promoted to second in the Kingdom under Pharoah only.
    (And he was not a pastor or priest), yet was a secular leader.
    Wow, imagine that. A Godly leader outside of the church.

    Amazing how much of this we can find as Christians if we just but look for God’s direction.

  62. Stan Wayne says:

    I think Trump is a risk but we have risked all on Christians like Bush Reagan and Carter and still the country is being flooded by Muslims and South Americans who have no ability to grasp the importance of law and limited government – the secularists are having a heyday because of demographic change- this is a paramount issue – only Trump can solve this because he has the support of blue dog democrats and labor. If you don’t understand the historical flow I understand but sometimes a person like Jackson or Grant has been useful.

  63. Jackson Fay says:

    In the years after WWI there was lack of hope in Germany. In the context of hopelessness, narcicism birthed nacism. Just ask Henry Volk – he’s had some f2f time with Putin 🙂

  64. Mark Henderalsky says:

    Trump did pretty good there. He showed understanding of true Southern culture, true concern for local problems and promised the world to southerners. Unfortunately, just like in the Obama election, democrats (Clinton) is winning the NC/SC voters with many more local delegates

  65. Stan Wayne says:

    “And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”
    Luke 16:8 KJV

  66. Stan Wayne says:

    His stated goals that he has risked a fortune on are good.

    He is not running for pastor but commander in chief. It wasn’t until Lincoln got Grant (a profane man) that the mess of the Civil War was won – meanwhile Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee were brethren in Christ!

  67. Randy Buchanan says:

    He’s still better than Hillary or Bernie and that’s what it will probably come down to.

    Do you really think ALL politicians don’t lie and deceive? Of course they do!

    If you take the attitude above you might as well quit voting.

    I won’t be voting for the most virtuous person, I’ll be voting for the nominee who can best lead this country out of the morass it has been in the last 2 terms.

    We aren’t in a theocracy. We aren’t electing a pope, preacher, pastor or minister . We are electing a President and a Commander in Chief with a clear agenda and the leadership to move that agenda forward.

    I actually can see Peter and Paul voting for Trump because they knew the value of praying for unredeemed political leaders.

    “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”
    1 Timothy 2:1-2 ESV

    Those who Paul was saying to pray for in positions of civil leadership were heathens and pagans. He said even they can be used of God to bring peace and dignity to daily life.

  68. Jacque Polk Hindman says:

    Can I ask what you will do if he IS the choice? Are you saying you would rather see Hilary or Bernie? NOT a Trump supporter….BUT, I am having issue with people who bash a candidate one month and a few months later are trying to get him elected.

  69. Mary Dinnan says:

    I am not a Trump follower and would not vote for him as far as I have listened to him, he hates women, ugly fat women, Rosie and is a COWARD for not being on the debate tonight. He let a pretty white woman stop him from telling us how wonderful he is????

  70. Jackson Fay says:

    Turmps NOT appearing is a very smart move on his part. No presidential candidate has dared go down that path. By doing it Trump is doing EXACTLY what the people would want him do – disregard any political or TV networks intriguing and come out on the other side stronger and swinging. A very risky but in his position a very smart tactical move in the time of debate when the hard questions are asked. He will not have to answer them and will come with higher ratings. Trump is not my favorite either but lets not resource into name calling in this CHRISTIAN group. David M. Hinsen Jon Sellers

  71. David George says:

    Christian or not..