Salmon’s: Sidewalk Scholars

Ben and Jess Salmon are short-term missionaries-at-large in Asia engaged in Children’s Ministry. Short-term missionaries are not paid employees of Church of God World Missions. They are volunteers who wish to use their talents for the Lord, and the Church of God simply provides an opportunity and place for their involvement. The Salmons are ministering with the EMERGE Children’s Ministry. Sidewalk Scholars An electrical fire recently broke out in one of the squatters areas. Because these families live in gripping poverty, their homes are made of the kind of materials that are perfect for fueling fires. The fire spread so quickly it consumed the neighborhood. Over 200 families lost all their homes and possessions; fortunately, only one person perished. Five of EMERGE’s scholars lived in this neighborhood. Since these families have no money and nowhere else to go, they are all living in the local elementary school. The children of EMERGE who are from neighborhoods just like this one are called “Sidewalk Scholars.” These children do not let their poverty limit them from serving. Even though they come from families with so little, they gathered up supplies, food, clothing, toiletries, and so forth, and delivered them to the affected families. The Sidewalk Scholars are young men and women who are being raised to be leaders—to think differently … they are living examples of servant leadership!

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