South American Call

South American Call, headed by Joe Mercer, continues to experience powerful and anointed services along the Amazon. Recently, the team ministered in Canaan, Peru, where 620 people attended from 32 villages. It was the largest crusade ever for South American Call.

Services were held every day except Saturday. In spite of the heat and humidity, those hungry to hear the Word of God endured the extreme conditions to receive from the Lord. During the Saturday night service, a terrible thunderstorm erupted and tore the tent, as streams of water ran through it. The service continued, and God blessed.

During the final service, the weather conditions would not permit them to use the destroyed tent, so service was held in the church where the children’s services were conducted … a place where 31 mothers received Christ as Savior! The great Holy Spirit outpouring that night saw individuals shouting and dancing before the Lord.

José Alves, SAC’s main leader on the river, was a changed man upon being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

For years, SAC has poured into the river crusades in the Amazon and now they are seeing a harvest of souls, growth and stability that only God can produce. To God be all the glory!

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