“Spirit Filled Service” (No Preaching) Sunday Evening Service 11/4/18

“Spirit Filled Service” (No Preaching) Sunday Evening Service 11/4/18

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36 thoughts on ““Spirit Filled Service” (No Preaching) Sunday Evening Service 11/4/18

    1. In a church where the word is regularly preached and taught, may the Holy Spirit not lead that in an occasional service for the people to linger in prayer or rejoice in the hope already preached about? If all church services is re as predictable as you imply, I doubt the Holy Spirit is leading it all.

    2. Shawn, Does the Holy Spirit have permission to change the order? If the pastor had the right to set the order initially, why does he not also reserve the right to change that order if he believes the Holy Spirit would desire to do something different once the service is in progress?

      Was the house shaking in Acts 4 on the order of service? Was the Holy Spirit falling during Peter’s message to Cornelius on the order of service?

    3. Chris Cobb Chris Cobb says:

      It saddens me to here of churches that don’t allow the Holy Spirit to move….if I’m not mistaken doesn’t the Holy Spirit have to draw you to be saved …and doesn’t the Holy Spirit convict you when you sin..I prefer a spirit filled church over a powerless church ….

    4. Shawn, Jesus is both the Truth and the Word of God. The book points to Him; it doesn’t replace Him. We worship on both Spirit and truth.

      And there’s no command in the New Testament that says every time the church gathers there must be preaching. Preaching is very normative for the church in the video above (Dallas COG).

    5. Daniel Blaylock i m glad Mr Shortridge is a good preacher. Just want to make sure we are not ever replacing the priority of preaching. We are commanded to preach the word. I guess what really spoke to me was the caption. “Spirit Filled Worship (no preaching).”. Please take the thought captive. Know this, preaching services are Spirit Filled!

    6. Shawn, I too have cringed at people who say things like, “We had a great service yesterday; the preacher didn’t even get to preach” (as if preaching services can’t be “great” or “Spirit-filled” services). Some of the most life-altering, spiritually-forming encounters with God I’ve ever had followed great preaching. I hope the congregation I pastor can say the same.

      Preaching services CAN (and should) be Spirit-filled, but not all are. Dennis Kinlaw used to say that when they’re not the preaching is “like dried peas on a tin roof”.

      Most of us have experienced the dangers of emotionalism and been in services where a preacher or worship leader worked up the crowd into a frenzy. (I almost left the movement over that once.) But then I was part of a service (where no preaching occurred) where the Spirit sovereignly moved during the corporate singing. People left wheelchairs, threw down crutches, and mailed reports of medically confirmed healings back to the state office for several weeks afterward.

      I realized there was a ditch on both sides of the road. The answer to emotionalism is not intellectualism. Our church is, as Jim Cymbala once described, “neither a cemetery nor an insane asylum…it’s alive but not crazy”.

      I not only have to prepare the preaching (study of God’s word); I also have to prepare the PREACHER (praying for the Spirit’s fullness, depending on His anointing, and staying in-tune with God while I am doin the world of preaching). I have never knowingly preached what was not true. But though my preaching is always truth-filled, I would by lying if I claimed that my preaching was always Spirit-filled.

    7. Shawn Croninger I fully agree that there are times when pastors may try to “drum up” mere emotionalism rather than a move of the Spirit. However, that does not negate that, at times, the Spirit may have something on the agenda to the point that the sermon prepared for that Sunday was not preached on account of the extraordinary move of the Spirit. As Daniel Blaylock stated earlier, the Word itself demonstrates in several places in Acts where the preaching was abruptly interrupted by the Spirit. These may not be ordinary services, but what has been called, at least in the Wesleyan and Pentecostal tradition, extra-ordinary services that may go beyond the agenda. I appreciate the notion that every time the Word is preached, the Word and Spirit is present. However, the Spirit is not bound per se by the preaching in all cases, just as Acts demonstrates.

    8. Robert Rogers the Bible is a measily book. This makes my point sure and solid. The church of God is non biblically oriented. Heart breaking! Spurling threw out biblical doctrine and opened his flock up to people who reject his word.

    9. Shawn Croninger Not sure where you’re getting the notion that I or anyone else here thinks the Bible is a “measly book.” The point is that there are times when the Spirit moves to the point where preaching by a human may be interrupted by the Spirit. Daniel Blaylock demonstrated such from Acts. Of course we all know that these are extra-ordinary times, rather than ordinary services. However, to state that the COG or anyone else here is non-biblically oriented simply because we believe that there can be times the Spirit interpupts the preaching is not only a straw man argument and a broad generalization, but cannot be supported by Scripture itself, since it cannot be demonstrated therein that every time the church meets there must be a sermon or homily.

    10. Shawn, the Church of God has a Declaration of Faith that is largely Evangelical with both Wesleyan-Holiness and Classical Pentecostal tenets.

      We’re currently teaching through point-by-point on Wednesdays. For six or eight weeks after Pentecost Sunday each year, I preach a series on the doctrines of justification, regeneration, sanctification, Spirit baptism, and charismatic gifts.

      I’m not a rare breed in our movement either. Don’t project your narrow experiences on our movement. It’s beneath you as both a scholar and a Christian.

    11. Chris Cobb Chris Cobb says:

      I’m being careful not to call any one out…..I don’t want to be lumped in to being called judgmental….as for me and my house we will seek out a church that operates in spiritual gifts…dreams, vision, tongues and interpretations…I want to experience all of God glory and gifts.. I will tell you the spirit moves in our house in our car and in our church… the more you seek God the more he’ll commune with you….there is a spiritual battle going on all around us for your soul your family you finances and your health…satan is the master counterfeiter and only has to get you to believe a half truth. He wants you to think you can squelch the holy spirit with no consequences the you’ve lost one of the most powerful weapons for battle in the spiritual realm read the whole bible in proper context and don’t change one jot or tittle…its not about how many seats you fill it’s about how many souls y

    12. Chris Cobb Chris Cobb says:

      You lead to chris in a manner that they stay saved not pray sinners prayer an go right back in to sin over a period of time . God is God and God is love but ther is requirements for us to walk in his love , grace and forginess….its

  1. Daniel Blaylock the Bible is God’s word. If you want to know what God has to say look in it. Robert Rogers. You can not separate God from his word. In the beginning was the word. But people would rather have extatic trances rather than God’s word. Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. If you love and practice a lie you will go to hell according to his word.

  2. Shawn Croninger Moreover, you grossly mischaracterize our position: now we’re apostates simple because we believe that the Spirit can interrupt a sermon time. You, however, believe that if a sermon is not preached, then pastors and laypeople do not want the word but ONLY experiences…which, again, if you reread mine and Daniel’s comments, is a gross straw man argument: you’re refuting an argument that neither me nor Daniel has made. Who are these people that would rather have ecstatic trances rather than the Word of God? Indeed this is a gross caricature of those who are Word-centered but also allow for the Spirt to take control. Again, you provided no reference in Scripture where the church *must* include a sermon *every time* it gathers. You’re anachronistically imposing your own American customs on the 1st century church. Of course, they were Word-centered. Of course, they made preaching and teaching the central task. But that does not mean that every time the church met together a sermon was preached. Daniel Blaylock demonstrated as much in his comments above from the book of Acts.

  3. Chris Cobb Chris Cobb says:

    I also feel to many pasture preach sermon series that are pulled from the internet that designed to grow numbers instead of writing original sermons placed on their heart by God or the Holy spirit..the church is in dangerous times… and God is about to raise up radical prophets to

  4. Shawn Croninger , I can read it in English, Greek, or Hebrew. Roger and I both have earned seminary degrees from solidly Evangelical seminaries.

    No one tried to separate God from His word. If you hate the Pentecostal movement—leave the group. We won’t troll you on John MacArthur’s page.

  5. Estell Gold Estell Gold says:

    Did i miss something??
    Was there no preaching because the Holy Ghost took over the service?? Just experienced one of this kind lastweek. Ministering to each other with healings..Praise the Lord Hallelujah.
    Or is this usual no preach word regardless??

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