tnCOG: Bishop Luchen A. Bailey Funeral Arrangements

The state office has been informed that Luchen A. Bailey, a Tennessee retired minister, passed away on Saturday. Arrangements are as follows: The family will receive friends on Thursday, April 13, from 12:00-2:00 PM at the Mt. Olive Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. The funeral service will be held at the church at 2:00…

Use of the Term “Bishop” for State/Regional/National or International Offices: Discussion on Church of God General Assembly, Nashville 2016 Agenda

Currently, the item is under referral for further study to be presented as a report at next assembly. Apart from its historical usage in the tradition and current IRS church related rulings, the item relates to the following issues currently in discussion as presented to the International General Council in four year increments: Titles for all Ranks of Ministry  (as related to…

Quit Letting Fear Control You

The Jewish, Islamic, and Christian creation stories all begin in a garden. God releases the first man and woman into his paradise with only one prohibition—don’t eat from a specific tree. A tempter comes in the form of a serpent and tells the woman that God is holding out on them. The snake informs her that God […]

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