Exorcist Deliverance Team on Fifty Shades of Gray

-To spell it out for a morally challenged culture, I interviewed Fr. Patrick, an exorcist, along with three members of his deliverance team about The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon demonstrates our culture’s unfortunate moral diversity.  Leaders from the Catholic Church warn it is immoral. Domestic violence groups warn it is dangerous to glorify sexual violence   Read More …

Webpresence for the Kingdom: Another Webministry Launched

Helping Churches Grow remains our mission statement.  One of the areas we focus on in this endeavor is webminisrty. We have been blessed with the opportunity to launch a first-ever website for a small Bulgarian Church of God in Chicago metro, Grace International Church. Over five years ago, we were able to build from ground up the website […]

Revival Harvest Campaign 2014 in Varna and Signing of the Scrolls

SECOND VARNA DECLARATION (October 5, 2014) We, The believers from different churches in Bulgaria declare on this day of October 5th 2014 in the city of Varna, That we, according to The Holy Scriptures, will do our best to “fulfill the vows to the Lord” (Psalm 116:14), which were written and signed by 5,000 believers […]