Dr. French L. Arrington: The Bible and Alcoholic Beverages

BEER, WINE, AND LIQUORS: TOTAL ABSTINENCE  Historically, the Church of God has been committed to sanctification and holiness (uncompromised devotion to God) and has maintained that the Bible strongly prohibits the use of beer, wine, and liquors. An early doctrinal statement of the church’s teaching urges “total abstinence from all liquor and strong drink” (Church…

What We Lose When We Marginalize Our Seniors

If you check out Facebook’s policy against hate speech, you will find a moratorium on any speech that directly attacks people based on: Race Ethnicity National origin Religious affiliation Sexual orientation Sex, gender, or gender identity Serious disabilities or diseases That’s a pretty broad list, but there’s one glaring category of abuse missing—age. In a […]

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How web conferencing for churches can save time

“3 for Free” – Use EZview Conferencing free for web conferences and online meetings of up to 3 participants. What’s the Catch? – None. “3 for Free” EZview Conferencing does not require a credit card and has no limits on how often you have online meetings, how long those meetings run, or how long you […]