Voices of Heritage – Dr. James A Cross

As we look forward to the Smoky Mountain Gathering April 30 – May 2, we honor our stalwarts of the faith. Dr. James A. Cross, a former General Overseer of the Church of God and president of Lee College (1966-1970), he was also a commanding presence in the pulpit. For more information, visit www.SmokyMountainGathering.com.

Dr. James Beaty: Journey to World Missions

We recently talked with James M. Beaty, a pioneer COGWM missionary. He is 94 years old, but recalled clearly and beautifully the story of his calling and early years in missions. These are his words. On Sunday night, April 14, 1940, the Lord saved and sanctified me and on Thursday night following He baptized me […]

Robby James | Picking Up Mantles | 7.10.2018 | Omega Center International

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