Tuesday Twitter: 2012 #ourCOG Archive

@maylynda 31-Dec-12 Pledge+with+me+to+read+the+entire+Bible+in+2013+#ourcog http://readinitiative.com/yes , I can. @TravisJohnson73 30-Dec-12 Friendship & ministry w/ @brianhunter1 for 16 years – Proud of he & Kristen for finishing 10 years @genesischurchtv well! #ourcog @bibliata 30-Dec-12 Religion and Social Networking – http://ourcog.org/religion-and-social-networking/ … #ourCOG http://nblo.gs/Gx6cM @bibliata 30-Dec-12 Pledge with me to read the entire Bible in 2013 #ourcog http://readinitiative.com/  #fb http://nblo.gs/Gx6cL…

Missions Mondays: The Missional Church

The nature of the church is missional, through the fact that its existence is powered by the Great Commission. The book summarizes the culture of today’s American spirituality and its relation to the apostolic church. The main question is, “What would a theology of the church look like that took seriously the fact that North […]