Matthew 6:11

Chrys Caragounis also has a new study out on EPIOUSIOS (Mt 6:11): He concludes: The most recent Neohellenic translation (in Demotic) has captured well the meaning of the phrase by rendering with TON APARAITHTO GIA TH ZWH MAS ARTO (“the bread that is indispensable [i.e. necessary] for our life”). This I hold to be […]

Philippians 3:20

A friend of mine writes: “I have summarily rejected the lexical definitions of apekdechomai, taking, instead, the meaning of the verb dechomai, and adding the meanings of the added prefixes.  This is just for your consideration.  It gives the verse a very different meaning. Phil. 3:20 “For you see, our citizenship (result of living in […]