Philippians 3:20

A friend of mine writes: “I have summarily rejected the lexical definitions of apekdechomai, taking, instead, the meaning of the verb dechomai, and adding the meanings of the added prefixes.  This is just for your consideration.  It gives the verse a very different meaning. Phil. 3:20 “For you see, our citizenship (result of living in […]

Ephesians 5:16

David wrote Hi, David, I agree, but if you try to teach yourself to use Ancient Greek as a living language, it opens up all sorts of time you have throughout the day that you cannot use for just reading Greek or reading about Greek. You can listen to Greek while you wash the dishes. […]

1 John 3:9

22 Feb 2011 Friends, 1 John 3:9 has often been discussed in terms of Greek tense and its implication for understanding sin. The text also has the word σπέρμα SPERMA usually translated ‘seed’, and that’s often been discussed as well, at least in commentaries I’ve consulted. I’d like to propose that the verse illustrates a […]