Sabbath Stats: Top 10 Church of God Congregations in Tennessee (2016-2017)

Cleveland-North, Mark L. Williams $197,437.50 – 1,813 Knoxville-Park West, Gerald E. McGinnis $154,159.33 – 1,283 Ooltewah-Redemption Point Church, Kevin Wallace $136,673.76 Cleveland-Westmore, Kelvin Earl Page $115,190.44 – 1,069 Chattanooga-The Crossing, Terry Lee Harris $80,629.54 – 855 Chattanooga-City Church, Michael Ray Chapman $61,096.33 – 976 Cleveland-South, Edwin Dwayne Lipsey $55,833.79 – 599 Cleveland-Mt Olive, Gary Warren…

Missions Mondays: The Missional Church

The nature of the church is missional, through the fact that its existence is powered by the Great Commission. The book summarizes the culture of today’s American spirituality and its relation to the apostolic church. The main question is, “What would a theology of the church look like that took seriously the fact that North […]