Lovell Cary, Mr. World Missions

To have known Lovell and his wife, Ginny, was to know missions inexplicably. They truly sought to win the world during their lifetimes. The couple lived, moved, breathed, thought, and exemplified missions 24-7. A statement was once made that states: “If one is called to be a missionary, do not stoop to be a king.” […]

Pray for Children’s Ministries Around the World

Tragic situations involving children are increasingly consuming the news media. The need for prayer and support has escalated. World Missions has orphanages, feeding centers, educational facilities, and medical clinics for children’s ministries around the globe. Not a day goes by but that the children of our programs don’t need emotional and physical encouragement. They feel […]

Introduction to World Missions

Lee University DAL: Intro to World Missions (ICSP-250) This course is intended to provide students with a basic understanding of the world mission of the church as it is: presented in the Bible, understood theologically, developed historically and practiced by the church today. The course will also assist learners discover and explore the many aspects…