Temptation Is The Invitation To Let Go of God’s Hand


Temptation! We all can relate to temptation. We all share the topic in common. We have all been tempted. Temptation had its first appears in Genesis with Adam and Eve. We know the story all to well. They listened to the voice of temptation and gave themselves over to its seductive call.

Temptation is a serious subject. Temptation seeks to lead you away from THE WAY.

Temptation is the invitation to let go of the hand of God and follow your own way. However, there are two things I want you to know up front.

1. There has never been a temptation without an exit sign close by.

2. God will help you escape the temptation if you don’t let go of His hand

When I was a young man one of my jobs was to feed the cows hay. It was a cold and raining January and my Father reminded me, I needed to take care of my job right after school. Because it had been raining for days, he warned me not to take the tractor through the big muddle puddle, but instead take a new path he has made for us. He looked at me and said it really slow and deliberate. “Son, don’t take the old path through the mud, take the new one I’ve made for you. You will get stuck if you go the old way.”

After school,  I jumped on the tractor and went about my business. I came to the mud, and the temptation was right there smiling at me. It was speaking to me. “Go for it! You can make it through this little bit of mud on that big tractor.” I thought to myself, that’s right! This is a big tractor. This tractor can make it through with no problem at all. My Dad is just wrong about this. I can do this.

Now before I finish the story, remember what I said earlier. Temptation is the invitation to let go of the hand of God and follow your own way.

Well, as you might imagine I went for it. The front wheels went in the mud and came out. The back wheels went in the mud, and they came out. I won! I did it! I went on to feed the cows and on the way back temptation said, “Do it again.” The front wheels went in and came out. The back wheels went in…THEY DIDN’T COME OUT!

When we give in to temptation, we must let go of the hand of God because temptation is the invitation to let go of the hand of God and follow your own way.

So, what does the bible say about temptation?

➢    Where does it comes from?

➢    How do we deal with it?

➢    Does God understand our struggle with it?

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