The End Time Truth For This Present Generation Is Very…

The End Time Truth For This Present Generation Is Very Different From Past Two Worlds. God Divided This World Into Three Parts, 1-FIRST WORLD: From Adam To Noah. 2-SECOND WORLD: From Noah To First Advent Of Christ. 3-THIRD WORLD; From First Advent Of Christ To Second Advent Of Christ. In Zechariah 13:8,9 God Says, Vs-8 “And It Shall Come To Pass, That In All The Land, Saith The Lord, Two Parts Therein Shall Be Cut Off Die; But The Third Shall Be Left Therein.” Vs-9 And I (God) Will Bring The Third Part Through The Fire, And Will Refine Them As Silver Is Refined, And will Try Them As Gold Is Tried; They Shall Call On My Name,and I Will Hear Them; I Will Say, It Is My People: And They Shall Say, The Lord Is My God.” So The Present End Time Generation Is In THE GREAT TESTING PROCESS To Bring Pure Silvers And Golds Out Of Afflictions And Trials.

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  1. Stephen FY Teng says:

    >>>It simply means at the end of the coming 7-yr terrible tribulation for the unbelieving Jews, 2/3 will be destroyed & only 1/3 will be saved, period !

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