Part Three On April 25, 2015, I departed Kathmandu, Nepal, at 8:00 am following a week of ministry in that important nation. By the time my plane landed in Delhi two hours later, the “Gorkha Earthquake” had struck the Valley, as well as the Himalayas killing 9,000 and injuring another 22,000 people. Immediately, World Missions leadership was in communication with the global church and began mobilizing relief assistance. North America, Latin America, and Europe joined forces to bring hope to hurting and homeless victims. In spite of the death and destruction produced by natural disasters, many doors of ministry are opened because of Christian relief efforts around the world. Closed governments and people groups are open to the Gospel when the Church walks out her love and faith through acts of mercy and compassion in times of desperation. Today, Nepal represents the world’s leading nation for the growth of Christianity as a result of agape love … a tangible, unconditional expression of God’s presence and care experienced by real people in their moment of crisis. Four hundred (400) communities in West Nepal that have no witness of the Gospel have been targeted for church planting over the next 10 years. There is a direct and important impact between disaster relief and fulfillment of the Great Commission! ============================================================== We know disaster will happen. We just don’t know when. This is part three of a three part article. Project Number 765 – 0036 Disaster Relief Kenneth Anderson serves as World Missions Coordinator of Unreached People Groups. He and his wife, Karen, have served as missionary aviators, overseers, superintendent, and missions representative, as well as, field director of Asia. He also is the Vice-President of Operations of Serving Orphans Worldwide, a partner of Church of God World Missions.

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