” The Witness” Loran Livingston, Central Church January 14, 2018

The Word of our God stand forever and this is the foundation of truth, direction for our life. 1 Peter 1: 24-25. What is the Word? It is alive, it is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. He is the spiritual living Word, the Gospel of truth and life. What is the Good News of the Gospel? It is that God loves sinners. And nothing makes God rejoice the most as seeing a person getting saved, rescued from eternal death and born again, becoming a believer in Jesus. The greatest things in the Bible have to be believed and not explained logically. Faith is believing and not seeing. The witness of our God is greater than of any honorable man. I have the wittiness in myself because I have His Spirit in me, and that’s why it is not hard for me to believe God and His Word! And if God could help a man to do impossible in the past and it is witnessed in His Word- how much more you should rejoice knowing the same God is with you to help you through everything in your life. Our God is everlasting: yesterday, today and forever the same and He can do the impossible, supernatural and great things in your life if only you believe in Him!

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