Tuesday Minutes of the 52nd Annual Assembly of the Church of God

Minutes of the 52nd General Assembly of the Church of God

Place: Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX.
Date: August 14-19, 1968.
General Overseer: Charles W. Conn.

” Monday Morning, Aug.19, 1968
General Council Recommendations:

Item 13. Declaration of Faith:

That a committee be appointed to amplify each article of the Declaration of Faith to be approved by the Executive Council.

The recommendation was adopted.”


Church of God Teachings (pp.6-7). [48th A.]
Declaration of Faith (p.4). [42nd A.]
Resolution Relative to the Principles of Holiness of Church of God. (pp.10-11). [48th A.]
Modest Apparel (p.58). [48th A.]

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