Sabbath Stats: Top 10 Church of God Congregations in Texas (2016-2017)

Top 10 Church of God Congregations in Texas (2016-2017)

  1. Tyler, Rose Heights – $116,663.67
  2. Baytown, Living Hope – $46,907.44
  3. Webster, Praise Chapel – $42,000.00
  4. Bonham, Living Word – $32,682.24
  5. Keller, Harvest Christian Center –  $36,602.30
  6. Hurst, Life Fellowship – $36,471.87
  7. Lannius $34,375.92
  8. Irving, Grace Pointe – $9,742.63
  9. Blossom – $26,513.00
  10. Mineral Wells – $22,754.00

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One thought on “Sabbath Stats: Top 10 Church of God Congregations in Texas (2016-2017)

  1. Jim Price Jim Price says:

    Many people do not like to see financial reports but they should reconsider and realize how important a strong financial base is to getting out the good news to the community and to the world. In fact just this report tells us that there are many ( most ) of the COD’s in Texas are underfunded and really don’t enough funds to experiment with a new program to see if it works in their community.

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