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14 thoughts on “Vicarius Fili Dei = 666

  1. April M. Membela says:

    Pahayag 13:16,18
    [16]Sapilitang pinatatakan ng ikalawang halimaw ang lahat ng tao sa kanilang kanang kamay o sa noo, maging sila’y dakila o hamak, mayaman o mahirap, alipin o malaya.
    [18]Kailangan dito ang karunungan: maaaring malaman ng sinumang matalino ang kahulugan ng bilang ng halimaw, sapagkat ito’y bilang ng isang tao. Ang bilang ay 666.

  2. Ben Garrison says:

    The key would be in Greek not Latin Paul wrote that message in Greek discribing the beast the hint is to confirm the letters and numbers in greek

  3. Mandril Chad says:

    There’s a lot of good Catholics are going to heaven Gods people everywhere but as you Catholic people going to catechism all that ask your priest if they change God’s law from Saturday to Sunday and you’ll get the truth don’t be miss lead Constantine change God’s law from Saturday to Sunday

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