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17 thoughts on “What kind of oil do you use in your church to anoint people?

    1. Unless you got a Jewish Priest to make it and bless it, it is not the same as in the OT. Anyone who thinks it is the oil that heals does not understand divine healing. James 5:14-15a specifically says what heals. The prayer of faith, not the oil.

  1. Mark Honas says:

    I use Hyssop because of the scriptural references.

    Psalm 51:7
    “Purge me with hyssop Lord and I shall be clean.”

    David calls out to Almighty God to make him clean. Only the Lord can free him of sin.

    Through Moses God commanded the Chosen People how to be safe from the Angel Death in
    Exodus 12:22

    “Take a bunch of hyssop and dip in the blood of the Passover Lamb.”

    John 1:29 tells us the shed blood of Passover Lamb is like the shed blood of the Messiah.

    There are numerous other Scriptural references.

    The oil has no intrinsic power to heal or to cleans. But I like to use scripture to describe the power of the Holy Spirit when we anoint and pray for the Fathers children.

    Pastor Mark Honas
    Monroe Mi.

  2. Guy Caley says:

    If we want to be biblical about it we should be as concerned about the amount as the kind. They used a horn of oil, the Psalms talk of oil running down the beard. My dad used to say if we would pull out a gallon of oil and pour it over the head we might have fewer coming for anointing and prayer, but that those coming might be a lot more likely to be healed, LOL.

  3. Gary Morris says:

    The reason they anointed the head of the sheep was because they were too dumb to pull his head back out from under a root he would stick his head under so they greased his head up so it would slip back out. For that same reason we GODS sheep will stick our goofy heads in places they don’t belong and we on our own ain’t got sense enough to get our heads back out of trouble. So we need to be anointed with the spirit of the Holy Ghost to lead us in all things. Seek the best gifts.

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