“No” is an Answer

“Yes” is a much easier answer. We can see the tangible benefits of a positively answered prayer; we can point to that answer as a testimony of praise. “See this healing. See this financial miracle. God did that.”

But God does “no” as well.

A recent survey found that 78% of Evangelicals pray daily, but only 29% say that their prayers are answered daily. I wonder if the other 71% consider those times when God gives a “no.” It’s an answer . . . and a good one. Most of the time it’s just hard to swallow.

“No” doesn’t mean we’re wrong; it means God’s right. Our myopic vision tends to miss the millions of interacting parts of this thing we call life. God knows our thoughts, motivations, and future. We just know what we want to see happen—and not always even that.

Jesus got a “no” and gratefully acquiesced. He took the cup given to Him.

Don’t take “no” as “no answer.”