Month: September 2006

No, I’m not dead

It’s official…I am not dead. Several of my blog-mates have told me that they planned a blogging funeral for me, however, I am back from the dead. Here is the reason for my long departure from blogging…I’m moving. Yeah, I know, you were expecting…

Happy birthday to us!!!

This weekend is the 15th anniversary of the official initial gathering of Elgin Church of God aka Elgin Community Church.We started life in New Elgin Community Centre in 1991 and moved into Pinetree House in 2001.Praise the Lord!

Hit that ball, Church of God!

When my son Jeremy was just a small tyke, his mother would dress him up in his baseball uniform and bring him to the church softball games. He would stand against the fence, near our dugout and when our guys would come to the plate, he would yell — “H…

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