32. I am thankful for VICTORY in Jesus…

One of my very favorite songs is "Victory in Jesus"...having grown up in the Pentecostal tradition, this was one of many songs that we sang with great gusto, and with tremendous assurance. We sang it like we really did "have victory" in Jesus....

I was just sitting here listening to the Perrys sing "Victory in Jesus" on YouTube (as part of another song they have recorded), and just realized "again" what a precious, precious thing this "victory" really is to those who are redeemed.

When I couldn't find my way to God, He sent His Son Jesus to find me...to "plunge me beneath the cleansing flood." I was only a bit more than six years old, but I remember the very night when Christ called me to Himself, forgave my sins, and washed me with His blood.

I am thankful for this victory in Jesus....that when all around us is dreary--and even depressing--that we can look UP, and know that HE is still our victorious Saviour! (For all of you preachers--actually both of you--that is SHOUTIN' MATERIAL).
I am thankful for those subtle and poignant reminders that I am not alone, nor am I forsaken or abandoned....the VICTOR still calls me the "apple of His eye."

I am thankful for Victory in Jesus.