34. I am thankful for Small Portable Transistor Radios

About nine years ago, I bought a small transistor portable radio (AM-FM) at a Walgreens' for about $7.00 I think. This small contraption uses 4 AA batteries that I replace about twice a year.

I have had this small radio in both occupations that I've held since my purchase of it on Chicago's west side back in late 2001. It still plays wonderfully well (when I keep good batteries installed), and I take this radio with me just about everywhere I go, if I can. It's so small, I can put it in a coat pocket.

Right now, I am listening to Moody Radio Chicago (aka WMBI-FM 90.1) and was listening to National Public Radio (WBEZ-FM, 91.5) earlier in the day.

I grew up listening to the radio...and I'm thankful for the radio....one of life's simple pleasures.