38. I am thankful for CHURCH PICNICS

Yes, you were reading it correctly: I am VERY thankful for Church picnics...and especially the ones we have here at The Moody Church in Chicago. Our FIFTH annual picnic was yesterday (after the morning worship service), and it was great.

So many faithful people showed up in Lincoln Park to help with this great feat--and it's over.

Every single person who committed (to me) to show up and help with the grilling--they showed up, and we had a great time. We fed almost 2000 people in less than one hour (going through the lines), and not a single person (at the grills) was burned or injured.

I've done this now for five years...and next year, I'm taking a break. Someone else--maybe my friend Vincent Ramirez--can be in charge of the "grill" neck of this picnic forest....I'm taking a break next August, Lord Willing.

This was a great time of fellowship for our church family, and for those who wanted to come out and enjoy the gorgeous (but too humid) weather.

Whoever requested "veggie burgers" (and yes, we did have some)....is a very, very sick person. I tasted one of the patties, and it was AWFUL---almost an abomination.

But, I am very thankful for Church picnics.