a friend goes home

The world took a hit this morning when A.T. Lowery passed from this life. He was one of the more passionate men I’ve ever known. He spent his life building God’s kingdom and  building churches. He was strong and courageous. In his 19 month battle with cancer, he never complained. Even in his sickness, he continually talked to me about his vision to increase the effectiveness of a church somewhere. I’ve never met anyone like him. A.T. started and built our current church 43 years ago. He has been faithful ever since. He married Imogene 54 years ago. You get the idea this guy knew how to commit?

He was my advocate. He had a lot of confidence in me.  I’m going to miss him. Know this: He was a warrior, a real hero. Lots of pastors around the world hold him in high regard and for good reason. He never quit, never gave up.

The world took a hit but heaven got even better. A.T., we’ll miss you.