A Funny Thing Happened While Ago

I'm sitting here tonight and suddenly I find myself thinking of a song that I have not thought of in awhile, "Without You" by Big Daddy Weave.  As I thought on this song, I remembered writing a blog about this song several years ago, and the search was on for that blog entry. I read that post and then linked it to Facebook because the words to that song spoke to me so strongly, and I recalled that night, almost 5 years ago when on another Saturday night, panic was setting in upon me, for I did not have a Word for the next day. I was getting so desperate to hear from God and "I" was trying to put it together. When I stopped with my efforts, and I began to worship God, it was THEN, there in that worship that God spoke to me. The really funny thing is that when I was just now reading this, I realized that it was at that moment, when I acknowledged that "I" was in the way, repented before God and just gave into worship... that was the night the Lord gave me the River vision that has shaped my ministry and mission for Harvest Church ever since. 

There is something powerfully profound in what God just reminded me tonight. When "I" (that's each of us) get out of the way and just give our selves in reckless abandon in worship and adoration to Him, the vision is established.