A Shaking in America?

I had a dream last night that has been on my mind all morning, troubling me. In the dream, I saw me sitting on my couch watching the news when suddenly the room shook for several seconds to the point things fell off the wall and the shelves. On the television, they reacted as well, as the shaking was taking place there as well. For a few seconds there was confusion on the news set, then they announced that there was an earthquake that was so large that reports were coming in from more than half of the United States where they felt the shaking. Then news reporter kept saying, "earth quakes don't happen there! This does not happen! It has never happened before! The nation has been changed today."  This is where I woke up. 

I have found myself dwelling on this all morning. I keep asking, "Is this a literal earthquake that is about to hit, or is there something getting ready to happen that is going to shake this nation to the point that we are never the same? I just don't know... but I believe this dream was from the Lord.