ACLU is at it Again

I received the following email from the ACLU today. Tell me, am I missing something? How is requiring and ID to vote "anti-Democratic"? How is this designed to keep African American voters or those who are disabled or students, or elderly from voting? Is there a reason that those in these particular people groups are unable to obtain proper identification? Seems to me, they should already have it, UNLESS they are illegal aliens, OR they are trying to be fraudulent. They have to have an ID to drive, rent a house, cash a check or a dozen other activities. So, why could they not produce one to vote?  No, this is pretty obvious, they see the loopholes which allowed voter fraud closing, and that scares them to death. I say it is high time that the law is "NO ID, NO VOTE."

It is a truly malicious scheme. All across the country, a wave of anti-democratic voter suppression laws are being passed — designed to keep huge numbers of voters who are African-American, elderly, students, or voters with disabilities away from the polls in 2012.

Discouraging people from voting — by passing laws designed to keep certain voters away — is as cynical and underhanded as it gets. But that is exactly what's happening in the 18 states that either passed or threatened to pass restrictive voter ID bills this session. This targeted wave of legislation could block the votes of more than 21 million Americans.

But in some states, if Attorney General Holder determines that these laws violate the Voting Rights Act, he can deny the approval needed before they can take effect.

Urge Attorney General Holder to uphold the Voting Rights Act and take a strong stand against outrageous targeted efforts at voter suppression.
It's bad enough when isolated efforts to intimidate and suppress voting surface. But this is even worse — a widespread, carefully coordinated effort by governors and state legislators to erect barriers aimed at the millions of voters who don't have photo IDs. (emphasis mine)

The ACLU is opposed to any form of voter ID  (again, emphasis mine)— its application can be used to arbitrarily keep certain populations away from the polls. In Texas, for example, the new law accepts concealed handgun certificates as proof of identification, but not student IDs. (Maybe because anyone with a computer and access to a laminating machine can produce one?)

Tens of thousands of ACLU supporters — people deeply offended by this outright attack on the right to vote — have already taken action by writing to the attorney general. But we need to keep the pressure on, and you can help do that by adding your name today.