ALL cults pretend to have secret knowledge. This is the…

ALL cults pretend to have secret knowledge. This is the…

ALL cults pretend to have secret knowledge. This is the first stage of disassociation from the world at large and insulates from sound doctrine. Since understanding can only be had by knowing these things and outsiders do not know them, they can never understand and their objections can be ignored because they are based upon ignorance.

Mormonism goes even further. you must seek truth, not by what is true, but by receiving a burning in the bosom. which you will get if you are sincere and humble and faithful in seeking truth, etc… Then you will be told by ‘the holy spirit’ and receive a ‘witness’ that is the burning in the bosom. If you ask them why you did not receive it when you prayed, it is because you were not sincere or honestly asking or another excuse. After all, it seems the mormon holy spirit does not want everyone to believe in mormonism.

But if that was the only true way to know truth, then why does this not occur:

We, the jury, after reviewing the evidence, the video footage of the crime, the signed confession, and considering the fact that the defendant was wearing the victim’s unique, one of a kind neck chain, sincerely sought the truth via prayer and we received the burning in the bosom that the defendant is not guilty of all charges.

Not any LDS would accept such “truth”! but, when it comes to the weightier matter of salvation and spiritual truth, something less, tangible, shall we say, that they use such a mystical standard, because it cannot be falsified. But the unchanging God of scripture never used holy heartburn to prove truth, especially in the face of proof to the contrary.

Mormons call anything that is not accepting of and agreeing with them, anti-mormon. But, there is no such thing as anti-mormon. Mormonism has been the “anti-“christian doctrine since JSjr declared that ALL Christian churches and denominations false.

Mormonism has restored no doctrine. Restoration means to bring back to the original state or condition.

Mormonism did not restore the Aaronic priesthood. The Aaronic priesthood is for BLOOD descendants of the Biblical Aaron, the brother of Moses.

Mormonism did not restore the Melchizedek priesthood, either. this priesthood is still held by Jesus Christ, who holds it eternally and is the only one qualified to hold it, since he has no mother nor father, nor beginning nor end.

Mormonism claims to have the fullness of the Gospel. The Biblical Gospel is full and complete. there is nothing missing from it and no mormon has EVER shown the Biblical Gospel to be lacking or missing anything.

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