all that for 1 day?

all that for 1 day?

The buildup is huge for Easter. We are praying hard and working hard trying to get everyone we know excited about this Sunday. There are networks of pastors encouraging each other, we are inviting people like crazy, we are working hard to see our churches filled with people this Sunday.

So is it worth it?

Once Easter is over, will there be any residual from all of this effort? Or will there just be a temporary spike in church attendance and the week following, everything goes back to normal?

There is a young couple at our church who came for the first time on Easter. They gave their hearts to Jesus. They are serving Him. They support His work.  Is it worth it? You bet it is! If just one person comes to Christ and has their life turned around on this Sunday– it is worth all of the effort and work and prayer and sacrifice.

So I am going full speed this week building up Easter at Cross Community Church. Will you join me?

Here is what I am doing: (click on)




Any other ideas?