Although im not a big fan of this page ,…

Although im not a big fan of this page , and frankly im disappointed in all parties i would like to point out some things to fellow Christians.
When someone , asks you to prove to him that Christianity is true , or why God is behind the universe and not something else , you need to keep something in mind.
It is not the Christians responsibility to convince an atheist. I can play skeptic about anything , sit back and doubt everything you say and hammer away at your position. I can deny every single thing you say, and you can do nothing about it. I can deny you are real.
I am tired of seeing the same conversations over and over again on multiple apologetic pages , where one skeptic asks something or denies something and five or more christians try to prove him wrong or convince him.

You will never change their minds , ever. And christians end up looking “defeated”and stupid.

What you can do is state your position and evidence , which there are plenty and thats why I abandoned atheism first and then agnosticism for Christianity, and if the skeptic says : “I disagree ! That is not evidence! How do you know?”
Dont follow up. Its time for them to state why they disagree with your position, why they believe that the Resurrection is not the best explanation , why we should doubt the existence of a creator and provide a better explanation (so its not enough to state there is some other possible explanation , but need to show why its more probable). If they dont , they are not interested in the truth , just in hammering away and poking holes in your worldview.
Youre free to say “Of course you can disagree. Have a nice day !”

Of youre an agnostic about everything , you dont claim knowledge that Christianity is false. You can provide reasons youre personally skeptical , but if you cant provide a better explanation then the worth of what youre claiming stops there.
We are not a jury , questioning Christians. We are in search of truth , and the most probable explanation.
And for Gods sake , be Christlike and gentle and remember who we are trying to represent.
Thanks for your time.

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