An Open Letter to Louie Giglio

Dear Louie,

Thank you.

You don’t know me. I’m one of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands by now, of people who have attended a Passion event, visited 722, listened to a worship album recorded, written or produced by you guys, or tons of other things that you’ve been a part of.

I was watching a DVD from Andy Stanley Sunday in a class at my church, and he was talking about the practical application of Scripture. He gave the example of people who had lived their lives in or around the church and then “one day” it just all clicks because someone finally helped them to see Scripture in a new and relevant way, and they began applying it to their lives. Before watching the video I don’t think I really understood the influence you had on me and my Spiritual development.

I remember as a high school kid “sneaking” into 722 at Northpoint. I attended Passion One Day in Memphis and sat in the rain before watching the cross get passed through the crowd as Matt Redman sang “Wonderful Cross”. I purchased a tin can of preaching CD’s from a Passion conference from the late 90′s and literally wore those CD’s out in my car while delivering pizzas in college. I brought a group of college students I was leading to Passion in Nashville in ’05.

And all of that was great…

But it was when you introduced me to Ichabod…
It was when I watched “Life Interrupted” online…
It was when you introduced me to Piper, Beth, and Voddie…

I grew up in a Pastor’s home. I was a good kid. I had great influences in my life.

You didn’t do it on your own, but you helped the Bible come alive for me. You helped me see the beauty of the Old Testament narrative. Again…You helped the Gospel come alive for me.

I’m now in ministry and carry some of your influence in the way that I attempt to present the Gospel and compel people to live for the Glory of God.

I’m sure you get stuff like this all the time, at least I hope you do, but I just sat in that class yesterday, and thanked God for using you, to help me, pursue Him.

God bless!