Angelic Reinforcements

Believers know that our spiritual authority over all the powers of the enemy is found in three warfare resources. First is the power of the Word of God. During the temptation, Jesus quoted three Scriptures located in the Torah (from Deuteronomy), to counter Satan’s temptation. The Word became a “sword” of the Spirit (Heb. 4:12). The second weapon is the power of the blood of Christ. Christ’s blood is the source of redemption and all spiritual blessings. Satan is overcome by the blood of Christ (Rev.12:11). The third weapon for spiritual warfare is the second half of Revelation 12:11: We “overcome… by the word of our testimony.” The word for “testimony” here, in Greek, is maturia, and refers to judicial evidence. It is testimony given by a witness in court. These three spiritual resources – the Word, the Blood of Christ, and the Word of Our Testimony – are significant as angels are attached to these spiritual weapons. Just as unclean spirits are attached to those things related to sin, the flesh, and the spiritually and morally unclean, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the angels of the Lord are attracted to the Word of God, to the worship of God, and to Prayer. Since angels respond to the voice of the Lord and to God’s Word, it is important that when confessing and “claiming” a promise we speak God’s Word out of our mouth and place it deep within our heart. When Christ was tempted three times, he quoted three passages from Deuteronomy in response to Satan’s temptations. Afterwards, angels came and ministered to him (Mat. 4:11). Throughout history, angels have battled Satanic forces, and in every instance, the angel came out on top, and they will continue to do so!