As I’m Working …

I’m building a list of ideas to serve a particular community (more on this later), and I thought I would share them here (especially since I stole most of these).

Ideas to impact a community:

  • Find cultural interests and needs and offer a “safe place” for the uncertain (e.g., an art house, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a clinic).
  • Emphasize acceptance no matter appearance or background.
  • Challenge cherished religious ideas with grace.
  • Reach out to culturally diverse churches and neighborhoods.
  • Do what no one else wants to do in love.
  • Meet with and love the antagonistic.
  • Present a non-traditional image with logo, worship location, and approach to discipleship.
  • Take the gospel to the college kids and give them easy inroads through music, art, and free counseling.
  • In fact, offer free counseling to anyone.
  • Pour out love to single moms and those with unplanned pregnancies.